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The third order is composed of lay members who wish to participate in our mission and live our spirituality in the midst of the world. Trying to be in daily life, in the ordinary, a new embodiment of the Word. In their homes, in their workplaces, among people, and in every reality they experience.

“We profess that Christ is Head of the Church and of all menand that He has triple primacy over them: a primacy of order, of perfection and of power.” Third Order Directory, 19
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“The Third Order Secular of the Incarnate Word pursues the same end of the Religious Family, which is twofold. First, it seeks the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls, trying to sanctify its members and sanctify the whole world from within the lay condition itself.” Third Order Directory, 6

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Third Order

a) Lay Vocation to the Apostolate The apostolic dimension of the Catholic

Third Order
Fraternal Life

Like the first Christians, who distinguished themselves by mutual love, the tertiaries

Third Order

The laity not only have the right, but also have a sacred


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